About Us

Known for the uncompromised quality of service and years of experience in the real estate industry, Investor Arena is a leading real estate consulting company in India. Under the strong leadership of our two pillars, Mr. Dheeraj Singh and Mr. Nitin Kandwal, the company excels in its field every day, reaching a new height of excellence. We are a team of experienced real estate consultants ready to use their skills and knowledge to help people make informed decisions in real estate sectors.


Mr. Dheeraj Singh

Being an ambitious leader, Mr. Dheeraj Singh is a strong pillar for the company. With his professional skills and a strong vision to transform the real estate sector, he is on his way to creating a benchmark in the industry. He is known for his gentle and warm approach to educating clients by giving them good advice instead of only selling. He aims to make Investor Arena a notable real estate consulting firm that will work as a one-stop solution for all services regarding real estate investments and property management. With his 12 years-long experience in the industry and as one of the reliable real estate consultants, he believes that “To win the game, it is important to stay in the game,” and takes his steps accordingly.


Mr. Nitin Kandwal

Another axis of the real estate consulting company, Investor Arena, is Mr. Nitin Kandwal. He works with proven skills and unparalleled determination to make investment options smoother for clients. His in-depth knowledge of the industry and keen attention to every latest update establishes him as a notable leader in the Indian real estate market. With his 14 years-long experience in the industry and as one of the reliable real estate consultants, he pursues to create a holistic impact on the trends and concepts of investing in the Indian real estate sector.


Our Mission

We began Investor Arena with a mission to enable discerning real estate investors to achieve a greater societal and economic return on their investments. As a real estate consulting company, we are here to introduce people with the latest updates of the real estate industry and help them understand the ins and outs of investing in real estate effectively.

Our Vision

With a team of the finest property advisors, we envision a future where investing in real estate properties will become an easy and hassle-free experience for every investor. Being one of the leading real estate consultants, Investor Arena would love to revolutionize the real estate in India.

Our Values

Counted among the leading property advisors in the country, Investor Arena works with strong business ethics and uncompromised core values. The values are:

Strict Adherence to Quality

Our keen attention to maintaining quality makes us stand out from the crowd. As a well-known real estate consulting company, Investor Arena provides high customer service standards to all!

Strong Focus on Clients’ Interests

Client satisfaction is our priority, no matter how challenging our tasks are. As leading property investors in India, we use a well-managed approach to ensure a best-in-class experience for our clients.

Aim to Build an Inclusive Environment

We aim to build an all-inclusive environment where every real estate query is resolved, embracing various perspectives with a problem-solving approach.