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Fusion Brook and Rivulet - Luxury Residential Project in Noida Within Budget

Fusion Brook and Rivulet offers luxury homes within the budget.

Fusion Brook and Rivulet - Luxury Residential Project in Noida Within Budget

If you are looking for a residential project in Noida with good amenities and within a limited budget, we’ve got it for you. Fusion Homes has brought you such a residential project at a prime location in Noida. Despite having exceptional amenities and specifications, it comes within your budget.

According to a Times Property report, the first quarter of 2023 has seen a 150% Y-O-Y growth in the housing segment in India. Delhi-NCR experienced a substantial growth rate of 216% in home sales during this quarter.

So, it is evident that buying a dream home is a trend and living in such a home with good facilities is the dream of many now. However, not everyone is able to turn their dream into reality due to a restrained budget. For them, here is the wonderful residential project in Noida- Fusion Brook and Rivulet.

Eager to learn more about this exclusive Fusion Homes project? This blog will tell you the details, from the basic facilities it offers to its special features.

Details You must not Miss: The Carpet Area, Floor Plan and more

The Brook and Rivulet covers 12.5 acres of land in total. With best-in-class amenities and exceptional features, this residential project in Noida has caught investors’ attention. With an elevated living experience, the Brook and Rivulet project has become a popular residential property for sale in Noida. Buying a home in this project can give you a high return on your investment.

However, property consultants in Noida suggest looking at some of the essential details of a property before buying it. These details include carpet area, floor plan, master plan and so on. So, let’s look at these essential details for the Brook and Rivulet.

The Fusion Brook:

The Brook has two phases with a total of 7 towers. Around 850 units are available in the second phase. Every tower includes 2-3 lifts to ensure smooth access across floors for the residents and visitors. It also comprises covered car parking areas for keeping your cars safe.

2 BHK+2T+3 B homes in Fusion Brook are 1115 sq. ft. On the other hand, 3 BHK+2T+3B homes are 1200 sq. ft. The other 3BHK home configurations are 1240 sq. ft. and 1535 sq. ft. The Brook also has 4 BHK homes of 2000 sq. ft. So, look at the wide variety of options and choose your preferred one!

The Fusion Rivulet:

The Rivulet also has two proposed phases. Phase 1 of this project is launching. The Fusion Group also plans to launch the second phase soon. These two phases comprise 10 towers in total.

With 816 luxury units, the first phase of The Rivulet becomes an ideal residential property for sale in Noida. The unit sizes include 1350 sq. ft., 1545 sq. ft. and 2010 sq. ft. As the floor plan of the project shows, every tower includes 4-6 units per floor.

With breathtaking views and a blissful atmosphere, both The Brook and The Rivulet let you explore the best of city life. Amenities like entry and exit areas with wonderful water features make the project enthralling. Other amenities include an amazing herb garden, multipurpose court, outdoor gym, and so on.

Apart from the basic amenities adding convenience, the Brook and Rivulet come with a couple of distinguishing features. They include premium clubhouses and a terrace garden.

What Makes It Special: Clubhouses, Terrace Garden and Much More

Leading real estate investment consultants in Noida often consider the Brook and Rivulet a premium residential project in Noida within budget. It offers distinctive facilities like the other luxury projects in Noida but at a lower price.

Some of such luxury features that make Fusion Brook and Rivulet special are the clubhouses, terrace and commercial plazas. Two clubhouses here sprawl across around 15,000 sq. ft. They are named Paper Boat and Pebble Castle. They include places for indoor games, co-working spaces, etc.

On the other hand, the luxury tower terrace garden area with soothing greenery makes the surroundings blissful. Moreover, the central green of 1.23 acres and 2.40 acres elevates the tranquility more. An extra layer of 3-inch concrete flooring covered with tiles, artificial turf and natural gardens add comfort to it.

Commercial Plazas like The Brook Arcade and the Rivulet Plaza offers premium shopping experiences to the residents here. In other words, in Fusion Brook and Rivulet, you can live, relax and enjoy life without interruption. Indeed, it is a significant residential project in Noida to invest in.

Adorned by the Leading Architect Hafeez Contractor

With the magic touch of the leading architect, Hafeez Contractor, the project showcases a never-seen-before architectural style. Its stunning design and impeccable attention to detail attract homebuyers anytime. The architect is known for creating designs that are aesthetic and functional at once. The Brook and Rivulet is also not an exception.

You can explore functional aspects adorned with aesthetic elegance in every corner of the residential project in Noida. The architect’s unconventional, innovative ideas have brought a magnificent touch to it.

The Prestigious IGBC Gold Rating: A Step Toward Sustainable Future

Amidst the ongoing environmental hazards, it is a primary responsibility to live a life aligned with nature. Hence, The Fusion Group has strived to make the Brook and Rivulet future-friendly. It is now a gold-rated green building certified by the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC).

IGBC has appreciated the project for its intent to design and build high-performance buildings in accordance with the criteria of IGBC rating systems. The Brook scored 73 points, while The Rivulet got 71 points in this test. Property consultants in Noida say buying a home here means taking a solid step to make our world greener than ever.

Connectivity and Location Advantages:

This residential project in Noida offers easy access to all major locations in the city through easy metro connections. Being close to Delhi, Noida always offers great location advantages. However, Fusion Brook and Rivulet are close to notable places like-


  • GT Road
  • 5-star Hotel Crown Plaza
  • Yatharth Super Speciality Hospital
  • Yotta Data Center
  • Noida International Airport
  • Indira Gandhi International Airport
  • High-street Mall Mile

The Fusion Group: Offering Homes Beyond the Concrete

With a perfect balance of comfort and style. Fusion Brook and Rivulet have secured a special position in investors’ hearts. The residential project in Noida is a masterpiece created by Fusion Homes, which brings your dream of buying a luxury home within your reach.

The Fusion Homes works with a philosophy of “more smiles per square foot.” Hence, client satisfaction is the primary factor the company keeps in mind. As the renowned property consultants in Noida affirm, the company works not only to provide satisfaction but also an ultimate delight.

However, each home developed by The Fusion Group provides peace, comfort and security to the residents. The Fusion Brook and Rivulet are designed to carry this legacy forward.

Final Words

The Fusion Brook and Rivulet feature a 3-side open corner plot located in Sector 12 facing a 130 m road with a 24 m service road. Thus, it ensures world-class security and convenient access to notable places. Also, the amenities, along with premium features, make it superior to many other luxury residences.

This residential project in Noida offers the luxury lifestyle that you dream of. And for it, it doesn’t ask for the luxury price you usually come across! What are you waiting for? Let’s grab the awesome real estate investment opportunity today. Want to know more about Fusion Brook and Rivulet? Visit reliable property consultants in Noida to learn the details.


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