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Golden Grande : A Golden Real Estate Investment Opportunity In India

Golden Grande: A Golden Real Estate Investment Opportunity in India which offers 12% guaranteed returns on your investment.

Golden Grande: A Golden Real Estate Investment Opportunity in India

Golden Grande is a name you can rely upon if you are planning for real estate investment in India. Developed by Ashrai Infra, Golden Grande is a luxury commercial real estate project in Greater Noida West.

According to a Financial Express report, India's commercial real estate market has experienced high growth in the last decade. The experts predict a 10-15% increase in growth in the coming fiscal years.

After the pandemic, offices and other commercial spaces are reopening. Even though virtual meetings have become very common post pandemic, but there is still a need for physical office setups. Hence, the demand for commercial real estate buildings is growing. In this scenario, Golden Grande comes as a notable option.

Spread over 25 acres of land, the project offers the finest retail, shopping, F&B, and IT experience. The futuristic multi-life concept of work-shop-relax-entertain is presented here. The architectural finesse reflects a modern international taste that everyone enjoys.

In this blog, you will learn more about Golden Grande. It will strengthen your decision about investing here. Let’s see how this project marks its name in commercial real estate investment in India.

Golden Grande: Invest in the Epitome of Grandeur

According to an IBEF report, the Indian real estate market is going to grow by US$ 1 trillion in 2030 from US$ 200 million in 2021. Experts predict that India will become the third largest real estate market globally.

However, many residential, commercial, and industrial projects are being launched everyday to contribute to this expected growth. Golden Grande is one of them. But it’s not a random project. Golden Grande has a lot more to offer.

The project comes with infinite investment opportunities and grand infrastructure. Also, it has received green certification from LEEDS and Griha. The best fashion brands, food, entertainment are available here under one roof.

Just like Golden-I, Golden Grande also showcases the best-in-class engineering. MIts contemporary designs take it to a new level of excellence. Investing in it, indeed, is an ideal and wise choice.

What the Project Includes:

Situated amidst the employment hub of Greater Noida, the project has all types of commercial real estate. It has shops, offices, F&B outlets etc. Thus, it opens up room for multiple profitable investment opportunities. Let’s see what’s there in this grand commercial real estate property.

Ground Floor Shops:

You can see a chain of shops on the ground floor of Golden Grande. The shops are spacious and attractive with wide frontage. The double-height ceiling adds more grandeur to the place. Also, you can see through the iconic open glass structures. The wide walkways allow you to walk through the shops with modesty. A classic luxury experience is ensured!

First Floor Shops:

There are shops on first floor also available If you want to invest in. The shops on the first floor are interconnected with wide walkways. So you can enjoy easy access to all of them! The availability of escalators makes the shops easy to access. Also, from this floor, you can cherish the mesmerizing view of 3 acres of green land. The verdant green land can relax your mind at any time.

High-end F&B Outlets:

Golden Grande has many international F&B brands. A 1, 00,000 sq. ft. F&B zone is there. One can enjoy grand rooftop dining moments while adoring the landscaped greens surrounding the area.

You can easily drive through the outlets. Multiple cafes and multi-cuisine restaurants are ready to welcome you here. The interesting alfresco dining is a major attraction of this zone. 

An iconic 5-Star Hotel with amazing meeting opportunities, recreation, and business conventions around it is here! You can embrace the grandeur at its best by investing in Golden Grande.

Open Green Space and Water Creeks:

Besides infinite business opportunities, you can explore the ultimate tranquility in Golden Grande. The project offers 3.5 acres of green land. Also, panoramic water creeks make the project premise more appealing.

The beautiful green scenery pleases the eyes. It soothes the mind, body, and soul. Overall, it creates an ideal environment to enjoy retail and office experiences.

So, a plethora of real estate investment opportunities is here for businessmen. Investing in such a project helps you count huge profits. Anyways, seamless connectivity and convenient amenities can make a real estate project more attractive and profitable to invest in. Let’s see if it has them or not.

Amenities in Golden Grande:

The project has many benefits ensuring convenience, safety, and comfort for people who roam across this business and retail hub. It provides high-speed elevators for easy movement across the floors.

100% power backups and a modern building management system add more comfort to life here. Also, you can find dedicated professional zones for doctors, lawyers, and chartered accountants here.

The project comes with a high-end, low-maintenance module. Also, multi-level 24*7 security ensures top-notch safety in this commercial project.

Golden Grande provides a unique shopping and work experience amidst fountains, greenery, and water bodies. The project’s landscape concept explores possibilities that make life easier than ever.

The landscape includes rooms for spending leisure time. Moreover, scopes for music, performing arts, and other recreational activities are available. The project offers zones for intimate, moderate, and large gatherings.

Exceptional Ambience:

The whole ambience of this place motivates people to explore their skills as professionals. Many choose this place in search of business opportunities. Golden Grande includes well-designed open-air workstations for them. They can work on their dreams under the open sky.

This lucrative real estate project by Ashrai Infra offers standard lock in office spaces, shops, etc., There are office spaces with 650-850 sq. ft. area available here.

Sustainability Features:

The commercial real estate project takes care of sustainability along with modern amenities. It is an IGBC gold-rated project. Many sustainable features are available here. They include electric vehicle charging stations, solar energy backup stations, etc. Also, it has zero liquid waste discharge systems.                             

We must say, Golden Grande, is grand in both modern benefits and futuristic approaches. The design and style of the building are aligned with the taste of global citizens. It reflects a modern international feel. And its sustainable features ensure a healthy, happy, and beautiful future.

How is the Connectivity?

The project has an amazing infrastructure, with the largest tech zone, major MNC investment zone, and mega data centre around. The dedicated freight corridor makes the project more profitable for any commercial real estate investment.

Golden Grande is connected to the city's key landmarks. It has the fastest access to Noida International Airport. On the other hand, it is a 10-minute drive to Delhi-Meerut Expressway.

Also, the project location is at a stone-throwing distance from the proposed metro station at Kisan Chowk. The metro will connect to Ghaziabad, Noida, Faridabad and Delhi.

The project location has the potential to accumulate around 10 lacs population in its proximity. It means seamless economic and social growth is ensured in this location. It is a notable trigger to push anyone to invest in Golden Grande.

Final Words-

So, we’ve discussed how Golden Grande has become a preferred choice for commercial real estate investment in India. The blog highlighted the investment opportunities here. You have read the amenities it offers. You’ve also read about the connectivity benefits it provides. Moreover, we have mentioned its sustainable features.

It is a popular luxury commercial property with ultimate features and benefits. On the other hand, it offers infinite serenity with greenery, water bodies, etc. Hence, consider Golden Grande if you’re looking for a commercial property investment opportunity with a high ROI. You can also connect with a trustworthy real estate consulting company  to learn more about Golden Grande.


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