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Is It the Right Time to Invest in Real Estate in Noida?

There is a common discussion among real estate investors if Is it the right time to invest in Real Estate in Noida?

Is It the Right Time to Invest in Real Estate in Noida?

Noida has been in the limelight for many reasons, like growing infrastructure, upcoming international airport, industrial development, a green and pollution-free environment supporting policies, etc. Therefore, investing in real estate in Noida is a popular matter of discussion among notable real estate investors.

After two years of sluggish movement during the pandemic, real estate in India finally got its pace back in 2022. Along with some other cities, Noida has become one of the major attractions for real estate investment.

According to a report by Hindustan Times, the city is seeing around a 30% property appreciation rate on Y-O-Y basis. Developers like Godrej, Tata Housing, L&T, Max, Bhutani Infra etc., are leading the game in real estate in Noida.

However, as a common homebuyer or investor, you might still be skeptical about investing in real estate in Noida. The fear of recession, overall security, cultural differences and other negative factors may hover in your mind.

To clear your doubts, let’s discuss more about it. This article will explain if it is the right time to invest in Noida real estate.

Is it the Right Time to Invest in Real Estate in Noida?

Noida is a well-planned city in the Gautam Buddha Nagar district of Uttar Pradesh. Noida, or New Okhla Industrial Development Authority, is considered one of the greenest cities. Also, it has become a symbol of economic growth of new India and that’s why has been awarded as the best city in Uttar Pradesh.

Being one of the greenest cities with many conveniences available and offering ample opportunities, Noida is a good place for residential settlements. Many developers, therefore, are coming up with all kind of residential projects across the city to build homes for people of all classes. In commercial sectors also, Noida real estate is witnessing excellent growth.

According to Mr. Ashish Bhutani, the CEO and Chairman of Bhutani Infra Group, “With a strong commercial base, Noida has emerged as the top business-friendly hub of corporates in the entire NCR.”

With the presence of multiple national as well as international big brands, Noida is also becoming a suitable commercial hub. Many employment prospects are available in the city.

However, to decide if you should now invest in Noida real estate or not, you must look into the details of real estate in Noida. So, without much ado, let’s know the reasons that compel one to consider investing in real estate in Noida.

Reasons Why Noida Real Estate is The Best for Investment:

Also referred to as the “electronic metropolis of India,” Noida is becoming a notable name in real estate in India. Several reasons are there for that. Some of them are:

Accessibility and Connectivity:

It is one of the best planned cities in India fulfilling Indian Government vision of smart cities.  It is well-connected with expressways, multiple roads and internal paths. On the one hand, the Delhi-Noida direct flyway connects Noida to Delhi and on the other hand, Noida- Agra expressway and Noida- Lucknow expressway connect it to other major cities in Uttar Pradesh.  

Metro access allows you to easily reach major cities like Gurgaon and Faridabad from Noida. Essential landmarks like Indira Gandhi International Airport, Buddha International F1 Circuit, etc., are close to it. Also, you can find , Ghaziabad Railway Station, Nizamuddin Railway Station, Anand Vihar ISBT etc., within your reach because of superb interconnectivity.  

To make people’s commute easy, Noida has many public modes of transport. And the smooth, streamlined system of public transport deserves appreciation here.

Best-in-class Infrastructure:

Many real estate advisors suggest that Noida is one of the best destination for real estate investment in India because of its well-planned infrastructure. Major highways like Yamuna Highway strengthen Noida’s road infrastructure more than ever.

Many other spacious paths and sector roads within the city add convenience to people’s lives. Also, the city boasts high-end educational institutions like Amity University, GD Goyenka School, Kothari Public School, etc. Many notable financial and medical institutions are also available here.

The city also takes care of your entertainment and recreational activities. You can spend your leisure time in parks like Shahid Bhagat Singh Park, Meghdootam Park, etc. Multiple theatres, nightclubs, and top-notch restaurants await you in Noida.

Government Policies and Initiatives:

Several government policies are other reasons to invest in real estate in Noida. The initiatives taken by the UP government and central government help in flourishing the property market.

Multiple development policies intrigued real estate investors here. Moreover, the assurance of many proposed infrastructural development across the Yamuna Expressway motivated them more.

Affordable Property Prices:

Many developers have launched inexpensive properties for all income groups. It attracted common homebuyers gaining more popularity among real estate investors. Compared to many other cities, Noida property prices are cheaper. In fact, it offers premium properties at a price under your budget.

Good Appreciation Value:

According to leading property consultants in Noida, property values in real estate in Noida are increasing over time and at a fast rate. They also predict that it will go higher in the near future. Buying properties in Noida now at an affordable rate can help you gain a good profit tomorrow. Moreover, the rental rate is expected to rise over time because of many big corporates and companies coming here.

Growing Retail Hubs:

On the one hand, Noida has a diverse local retail market for all. On the other hand, it has luxury retail areas, including high-end malls, etc. You can buy affordable food, clothing, accessories, etc., at local markets like Atta Market, Brahmaputra Market, Indira Market, Savitri Market, etc.

The marketplaces offer a wide array of amazing street foods for foodies in Noida. Also, you can satisfy your sophisticated taste while roaming around well-known malls like The Great India Place, Gardens Galleria Mall, Tulip Mall, Gaur City Mall, etc.

Multiple Job Opportunities:

Noida is becoming one of the commercial hubs in India, creating numerous work opportunities. It is home to many well-known businesses. It is on its way to becoming India's largest smartphone manufacturing hub. In addition, Noida is the fourth largest IT-BPO center.

Many world-famous brands like Microsoft, Oracle, Samsung, The Times of India, etc., have their offices in Central Noida. Moreover, you can explore job opportunities under notable businesses like Adobe Systems, Rockwell, etc.

So, these are the major reasons why real estate in Noida can be a good place for investment. 

Final Words

Noida real estate is flourishing with the help of government initiatives, infrastructural benefits, connectivity, etc. Property value appreciation is also going upward. Considering all these facts and the ongoing growth in real estate in Noida, you can consider it the right time to invest here.

However, buying a property includes multiple hassles. You need to take care of certain things. Hence, discussing with a reliable property consultant in Noida is always best before investing here. Get the required guidance and take the necessary steps.

Frequently Asked Questions on Real Estate Investment in Noida
How is the real estate market in Noida?

Real estate in Noida is seeing high growth in both residential and commercial sectors. Considering the green and sustainable environment and good infrastructure attract people to live here.

Government initiatives and many other factors are bringing in retail and industrial opportunities. Overall, Noida real estate is attracting many buyers with its amazing features.

Is Greater Noida better than Noida?

Both Noida and Greater Noida have profitable real estate markets. They boast of many mega-infra development projects. As an extension to the Noida area, Greater Noida offers lucrative real estate investment opportunities. Overall, the future of real estate in Noida-Greater Noida is promising.

Is Noida a developing city?

Noida, as a planned city in Uttar Pradesh, is growing fast. Many new projects are about to be launched here, whereas some are already built. Also, property rates are now affordable, which is about to be increased soon.

Why is Noida so developed?

There are several reasons why Noida is growing fast. However, the most notable reason is its close proximity to the capital of India, Delhi. Due to this benefit, it offers many urban facilities while providing the serenity of living away from the city chaos.

Is Noida a livable city?

Noida is an ideal place to live for working-class people as it offers many work opportunities in corporate offices and technology centers. Also, this is a city to live a happy, comfortable, and sustainable life with your loved ones. The infrastructural developments affirm that.

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