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Best Commercial Real Estate Projects in Noida

This blog gives overview of some of the best commercial real estate projects in Noida

Best Commercial Real Estate Projects in Noida

With notable and large national as well as international companies like Samsung, HCL, Tech Mahindra, Infosys, Jay Pee group etc. continuously investing billions of rupees, Noida's commercial real estate market is flourishing like never before. New job and business opportunities are coming into the Noida real estate market. A plethora of shopping malls, office spaces and retail centers are being developed to fulfill the demand and to ease people's lives here.

A Financial Express report says, “NCR region has always been a hub for commercial real estate development due to its strategic location and proximity to the national capital.” And amidst many other cities in this region, Noida has become a hotspot of all the commercial activities because of growing Infrastructure development, enhanced connectivity to other parts of the Delhi-NCR, Uttar Pradesh etc. and above all, upcoming international airport are the reasons behind it.

According to Manoj Gaur, the CMD of leading real estate company Gaurs Group, “As Delhi became congested, Noida and Gurugram emerged as two major alternatives in east and west of the city. With the rapid growth in premium residential living, the commercial infrastructure, both retail and office spaces, took a vertical leap. ”

However, you might be interested in investing in this growing commercial real estate market of Noida. And therefore, you must learn about the best commercial properties in Noida. In this blog, we will first discuss briefly why commercial real estate in Noida is growing. Further, the blog will highlight some of the best commercial properties in Noida. Let’s proceed.

Reasons Why Commercial Real Estate in Noida is Growing

For the last few years, Noida has been seeing high demand for commercial properties due to wonderful infrastructure, civic facilities, access to skilled labour, etc. The office culture is also coming back on track after the long pause during the pandemic. Hence, the need for new workspaces and other commercial spaces is emerging.

Anyways, the major reasons why the commercial sector in Noida real estate is growing are:

Proximity to National Capital and Other Important Cities:

Needless to say, due to its proximity to Delhi and other important cities nearby, Noida has become a significant place to live and work. With the National capital a few km away, Noida real estate offers a standard urban lifestyle devoid of the hustle and bustle of the metro city.

Affordability of land parcels:

Noida, as a part of the Delhi-NCR region, is known for low land prices as compared to other cities in NCR region. Unlike many major cities, it offers affordable lands and properties at great locations. So, from luxury commercial projects to common ones, you can find it all for investments.

High demand:

Over 200 residential projects are available in Noida real estate market today. Sufficient commercial real estate growth is needed to meet people’s lifestyle requirements. According to property consultants in Noida, even more commercial properties are needed to fulfill this demand. Therefore, you can consider the market a growing one. Investing here will give you a high return, indeed.

Infrastructure development:

Major developments are taking place all over Noida and its adjacent areas. This includes new roads, IT hubs, industrial spaces, and so on. The upcoming international airport is the new jewel in the crown. With these developments, commercial real estate in Noida is expected to grow higher than ever.

So, these reasons, along with favourable business policies, make the commercial sector of Noida real estate a booming market.

Best commercial properties in Noida Real Estate

Noida real estate already has multiple commercial projects and many more are upcoming. Anyways, you might get confused about which one to invest in. So, here we are.

Let’s look at the best commercial properties in Noida. Considering your preferences, you can invest in them.

Golden I - A Hub of Retail Spaces, Offices and Studio Apartments

Sprawling over 25 acres of land, Golden-I is a notable commercial real estate project in Noida. It includes IT offices, top-notch retail places, and studio apartments. The new-age IT/ITES office spaces available here offer an unmatched work environment. The offices area range from 325 Sq.ft. to 3800 Sq.ft.

Also, you can explore fine architectural finesse in these office spaces. The building includes a modern, tech-advanced BMS (Building Management System) to meet today’s office space needs. Thus, it meets the IT-enabled commercial real estate needs.

Golden-I provides the largest high-street retail hub in Noida. You can find low-maintenance, deluxe shops at a competitive rate. The retail areas include chill-out zones, aesthetic sit-out areas, pedestrian walkways, etc. The sizes of the shop areas range from 257 sqft. to 4577 sq. ft.

Interestingly, around 1000 acres of residential set-up surround the project. Hence, it has become a popular retail destination for people in Noida. Many brands have already invested here. Overall, Golden-I has become a leading retail hub pushing the growth of Noida real estate further.

Studio apartments in Golden-I are another point of attraction. These well-furnished apartments provide you with a suitable shelter in your job days. The size of the homes ranges from 550 sq. ft. to 610 sq. ft. Green rooftop garden and other amenities make the apartments peaceful and convenient.

Golden Grande- A Grand Destination for Commercial Real Estate Investment

Developed by Ashrai Infra, Golden Grande is a luxury real estate project in Greater Noida West. The commercial project presents the multi-life concept of work-shop-relax-entertain in the best possible way. Top-notch brands of fashion, food, and entertainment are present here.

The project includes multiple shops on its first and second floors. While exploring the best-in-class luxury retail experience, you can cherish the view of 3 acres of green land from the first floor.

International F&B outlets offer an amazing experience here in Golden Grande. The exciting rooftop dining moments await you here. A 100,000 sq. ft. F&B zone in this commercial project brings many cafes and multi-cuisine restaurants together. In addition, an iconic 5-star hotel with opportunities for professional meetings, recreation and business conventions is here.

Vast open green space and water creeks add more serenity to the commercial space. This ICBC gold-rated project comprises many sustainable features. They include EV charging stations, solar energy backup stations, zero-liquid waste discharge systems, etc. Overall, a blissful, future-ready retail and office experience is the forte of Golden Grande.

Mahagun Marina Walk- Blissful Consumer Experience away from Busy City-life 

The commercial project Mahagun Marina Wwalk builds a bridge between the natural landscape and modern-day urban luxury. The commercial project offers a world-class consumer experience amidst a peaceful ambience.

It includes two segments - Mahagun M Addresses and Mahagun Marina Wwalk Retail Space. The first one is dedicated to luxury office blocks and strata spaces. You can find a strategic combination of anchor and vanilla stores in the second segment.

Located at Sector 16 B, Mahagun Marina Wwalk  has become a notable retail landmark of the city. Around 300 retail outlets are available here in Mahagun Marina Wwalk. Special attractions of this commercial project include the largest superplex by PVR with 14 screens, a luxury hotel with more than 250 rooms, open-air lounges and so on.

It is a suitable commercial building space offering a plethora of amenities for discerning consumers. Thus, Mahagun Marina Wwalk, as a luxury retail destination, takes the growth of commercial real estate in Noida to the next level.

Trehan Iris Broadway Greeno West: A Commercial Real Estate Masterpiece

The renowned architectural company named BENOY designed this commercial project. Trehan Iris, a pioneer in the Indian real estate industry, developed it with some exceptional features. It is the combination of the facilities that makes Broadway Greeno West a suitable choice for commercial real estate investment.

A wonderful central courtyard with a golden Laburnum tree is one of the major attractions of the commercial project. It is spread over 1 million square feet with enough room for retail and other business spaces.

It has “The Golden Petal” decorating the central atrium of the mall. 6 large anchors with wide frontage enhance the grandeur of the project. You can explore a triple-height entertainment center and a landscaped terrace restaurant. Also, it includes a grand banquet hall with a capacity of over 1500 people.

Final Words

According to a report by Financial Express, commercial real estate in India is soaring high. An estimated 10-15% increase in growth will be there in the coming fiscal years. And Noida real estate will be a significant part of it.

Hence, investing in commercial properties in Noida real estate is a wise decision. Due to infrastructure, connectivity benefits and other perks, the properties assure a high return in the long term.

Anyways, an expert opinion makes your path easy. It is best to consult reliable property consultants in Noida to choose the right property for your needs.


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