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Why Is Noida Extension Ideal for Commercial Real Estate Investment?

Noida extension is becoming an ideal and the best commercial real estate investment choice among investors.

Why Is Noida Extension Ideal for Commercial Real Estate Investment?

Are you planning for commercial real estate investment? Noida Extension, or Greater Noida West, is known for high-end real estate developments. On the one hand, it offers top-notch residential projects. On the other hand, it brings in opportunities for commercial real estate investment. Significant projects like Golden I and Golden Grande are testimonials for it.

According to Housing.com, property rates in the Noida extension have had an 11.74% rise in the last 1 year. So, it is good news for investors. Those ready to invest in commercial real estate in India should consider the Noida Extension location.

But is the statistics on property rates enough to take investment decisions? Certainly not! In-depth research on the location and the project is a must. Thus, you can be sure about the profits you gain from your commercial real estate investment.

Reliable and professional property investment consultants in Noida conduct deep research on a newly launched project thoroughly.  They can guide you through the current scenario of commercial real estate in Noida with deep insights and analysis. Also, they can help you to get the best possible returns on your commercial real estate investment.

As per the latest studies and research reports, apart from the rise in property rates, there are many other reasons that make Noida Extension an ideal location for commercial real estate investment.

We will discuss the reasons to invest in commercial real estate in the Noida extension in detail here. Also, we will mention some of the profitable commercial real estate projects you can invest in. Let’s proceed.


Many development activities are happening in Gaur Chowk and surrounding areas in the Noida extension. They include new roads, educational institutions, industrial areas, IT hubs, etc.  Also, renowned schools, colleges, hospitals, well-connected paths, etc., make the Noida extension perfect for commercial real estate investment in Noida.


Well-connected to Ghaziabad and other places in the Delhi-NCR region, the Noida extension is suitable for living. Therefore, it is a good place for commercial real estate investment too because of the rising number of residential projects here. You can own, rent, or lease retail shops and other commercial properties, ensuring a high ROI because of good footfall.

High Demand:

Nearly 200 residential projects are going on here. Most of them are ready to move or are under construction, and a few are about to be launched. In this scenario, there is a high demand for commercial set-ups like retail, offices etc., to improve the lifestyle of residents.

It is a blessing in disguise that Noida yet doesn’t have enough commercial properties to meet the demand. Hence, it is a great place to start commercial real estate investment. Property consultants in Noida expect a higher demand for commercial developments when looking at the growth of upcoming housing projects. So, your investment is secure.

Notable Real Estate Brands:

The presence of prominent real estate brands in Noida marks the importance of Noida Extension as a hub of commercial properties. These reliable names attract more people to commercial real estate investment in Noida.

Rahul Chamola, the Managing Director of One Leaf Group, rightly said, “Commercial real estate market in NCR is now growing at a good pace and investing in areas like Noida Extension will be a smart decision. With excellent connectivity, infrastructure and the presence of several residential projects, the investor will get good returns on a commercial investment.”

So, it is evident that you will receive a high return on your commercial real estate investment in Noida. The return can either be rental yields or property resale prices.

Ashrai Infra has launched top-notch commercial projects like Golden I and Golden Grande.

Golden I and Golden Grande: The Epitome of Commercial Real Estate Investment 

Golden I :

Golden I sprawls across 25 acres of land with 650 m. wide frontage. Golden I also meets the evolving IT-enabled commercial real estate needs like IT/ITES office spaces in Noida. Golden I includes top-notch retail spaces, IT offices and studio apartments. Overall, it is a complete commercial set-up where you can find a suitable investment option. The fully furnished and IT-enabled office spaces ensure a perfect work environment. On the other hand, studio apartments are ideal for satisfying your desire for private and peaceful living. Modern shops can meet consumers’ needs with a futuristic approach.

Golden Grande :

Another wonder in Noida real estate is Golden Grande. It has office spaces, food courts, retail areas, multiplexes, hotels, corporate offices, and what’s not. In other words, it’s the destination for best-in-class shopping, entertainment, dining, etc. Golden Grande is the home for Delhi-NCR’s high-street retail, and Golden Grande comes with a vast 900 m. frontage.

The builder, Ashrai Infra, has developed these two masterpieces with eco-friendly features. They have lush greenery across the lands. Also, the thoughtful designs of the buildings ensure the holistic well-being of people staying there.

Amenities :

The amenities available in these two projects highlight their uniqueness and sustainability. In Golden I, you can see three sectors: retail, ITES office spaces, and studio apartments. Each segment has its own amenities, which make them profitable for investment.

Retail spaces come with a high-street retail hub, F& B destination, aesthetic sit-out areas, etc. Studio apartments come with a beautiful green rooftop terrace garden and all the other facilities. Office spaces create a perfect work atmosphere with a climatically-sealed structure, double-insulated glass, BMS system, etc.

Amenities in Golden Grande include waterbody-facing retail and F&B outlets, modern security systems, open-air workstations, wide walkways for shoppers, iconic brands’ retail stores, and so on.

Overall, it’s a perfect commercial treat for real estate in India!

So, both projects showcase the growth of commercial real estate in Noida. Also, the high-end projects ensure that your money will not go in vain if you invest in Noida Extension.

Besides these two big deals, many other commercial projects are available in the Noida extension area. You can opt for projects like Gaur City Centre, Galaxy Diamond Plaza, IRIS, Broadway Greno West, etc.

However, before buying properties, visiting reputed and experienced property consultants in Noida is best. Thus, you can make an informed decision about your commercial property investment.

Final Words

Have you decided to purchase commercial property in Noida or Delhi-NCR real estate? Make sure to keep a few things in mind before spending your bucks. First, check the location and neighbourhood.

It must be suitable for your lifestyle. Second, for rental properties, learn about the rental yield growth rates in that specific area. Third, verify the RERA details and the builders’ credentials.

Finally, get an idea about the ongoing demands in property markets in Noida and invest accordingly. Noida Extension is indeed an ideal place for commercial real estate investment. But, to know the right time, property type, and other aspects, make sure to ask for expert advice from a real estate consulting company. Contact us for it today.


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